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Who we are

Who we are:

Starting as the leading provider of bar exam preparation — helping over 1.5 million learners around the world pass the U.S. bar exam — BARBRI has become a leader in technology-enabled legal education solutions. We provide learners and educators with exceptional resources, tools, and insights to help them keep pace with the ever-shifting complexities of the legal education landscape.

From LSAT practice tests, tutoring and law school admissions counseling to bar preparation, study aids, and law school casebooks, through continuing lifetime legal education, there is a BARBRI solution designed, published, or taught by renowned subject matter experts in the legal field.

BARBRI also provides a comprehensive suite of offerings to law schools, universities, law firms and organizations. [We will add hyperlinks here]

Founded in 1967, BARBRI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in several U.S. cities and the United Kingdom.

Our mission + values

Our mission + values

To empower every step of the legal learning journey by delivering the only continuum of product offerings that support teaching and enable student success. Our values embody and embrace: